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08 May 23

Updates Added

Completely reworked the biolink add a new block modal to a better and more modern one.

Implemented the ability to customize the block shadows of all the blocks that support borders.

Implemented biolink pages Big Link block.

Implemented biolink pages Typeform embed block.

Implemented biolink pages Markdown block.

Implemented biolink pages PDF Document block.

Implemented biolink pages TikTok profile embed block
Implemented biolink pages Pinterest profile embed block
Implemented biolink pages, Twitter profile embed block.

Implemented the ability to set background position for biolink pages.

Implemented the ability to set avatar image position for biolink pages.

Improved the live preview of changes in the biolink page of multiple blocks.

Improved the paragraph block - now also has a background with multiple new customizable parts.

Improved API documentation pages with a good-looking code highlighter.

Improved all the range type inputs to show the current value.

Added icons for operating systems and browsers in the statistics pages.

Updated the MaxMind countries & cities detection databases to their latest versions.

Improved the account settings pages with icons and cleaned up parts of the code.

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15 Mar 23

Spanish Translation

Added Spanish Translation, I used Google Translate and still need to refine some of the entries. I'll work on that over the next couple of days.

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💪 Now available

14 Mar 23

AI Tools

Implemented Mood selector for Image Generation.
Implemented Website Headline Generator template.
Implemented Blog Article Idea Generator template.
Implemented Blog Intro Generator template.
Implemented Blog Outro Generator template.
Implemented Blog Article Generator template.
Implemented the ability to duplicate AI Documents & Images with ease.
Implemented Reviews - AI Documents template.
Implemented Hashtag - AI Documents template.
Implemented GPT3.5 Turbo model for AI documents.
Implemented AI Images - artist-style setting generation.
Implemented AI Images - style setting generation.
Implemented AI Images - lighting setting generation.

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💪 Now available

14 Mar 23

AI Generation

Implemented Explain like I am 5 - document type.
Implemented Text to emoji - document type.
Implemented Ad title - document type.
Implemented Ad description - document type.
Implemented Tweet Generator - document type.
Implemented Instagram Caption Generator - document type.
Implemented Product Name Generator - document type.
Implemented Viral Ideas Generator - document type.
Implemented Startup Ideas Generator - document type.

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